-The pomegranate is an ancient fruit and references to the fruits and the tree are found in ancient cultures from around the world. The pomegranate also has a special meaning in many cultures and religions.As it symbolize LOVE, LIFE & POWER. The special symbolism, combined with its attractive and interesting shape, makes pomegranate jewelry an interesting choice.While anyone can wear pomegranate jewelry for the sheer beauty of it, there are also symbols and meanings associated with it that can enhance your appreciation of it.

- Trendy , Minimal  HANDMADE Pomegranate Set. Perfect For an Everyday, Glam, Going-Out Look.  


POMEGRANATE NECKLACE:  Resin Pomegranate Seed Charms Pendant Shape Linked to hammered long cable  USA 14k Gold Filled & E.Coated necklace.


- Dark Red & Gold.