Wild Rose Blend


Notes: Rose, oud, frankincense, sandalwood, patchouli

Studies have shown that burning certain botanicals can increase sense of well being, promote focus, and can stimulate negative ions from the atmosphere in the same way as aromatherapy. Inspired by age old traditions from different nations and traditions, this mix was handcrafted with quality ingredients and with you in mind.

This blend of flowers, woods, resins, and herbs have been picked for their balancing, grounding, & uplifting properties. 100% of the ingredients come from plants and trees.
This can be used for: Meditation, burned as fragrance to scent space, sniff from jar when feeling stressed or anxious, clearing impurities from the air, and creating positive energy.

We hope this cultivates a relaxing and calm environment, supports a positive mindset and creates a space for happiness and wellness for you.