Organic Tandoori Masala


2 oz.

Size Guide: This jar is good for 4 lbs. of meat and/or veggies or 3 lbs. of paneer.

100% USDA-certified organic

A tandoor is a large clay oven used in Indian cooking, especially predominant in the North. Tandoori food is essentially the Indian version of barbecue, consisting of items such as marinated meats, seafood, veggies and paneer. A tandoor is also used to cook breads like naan by sticking the dough to the inside wall of the oven!

Our Tandoori Masala is Sandeep's famous recipe that he uses on chicken, lamb, shrimp, paneer, sweet peppers and, everyone's favorite, whole mushrooms. His blend is umami-packed with layers of smokiness, spiciness, sweetness and tartness. Coriander lends an overall bright, floral note.