Organic Kitchen Queen Masala


2 oz.

Size Guide: This jar has about 46 teaspoons of masala, good for many servings of roasted masala potatoes, masala fruit bowls or straight spoonfuls of the masala alone!

100% USDA-certified organic

Our Kitchen Queen Masala is unlike any other. It's hard to stop eating it once you've started, with its perfect blend of acidity, heat, umami and warm spice. We literally stand and eat it by the spoonful!

It is the genius of my Auntie in New Delhi, who has been a very close family friend for many decades. She makes this masala from scratch, with precision, and it amps up even the most simple dishes in a matter of minutes. Our favorite is on simple roasted potatoes, but it's also amazing on fruit, shrimp, in salad dressings, on eggs - the list goes on and on!