Oonyall Kalavai CTC Black Tea

By Oonyall

With its smooth and delicate floral taste, Kalavai makes a cup of chai that you won’t stop sipping on.

How will Kalavai make your chai taste and smell?
Light and balanced Aromatic with delicate floral notes Crisply brisk and smooth

Where is Kalavai sourced from?
Kalavai’s leaves are sourced from high-elevation and medium-elevation tea estates in South India.

Our Kalavai CTC black tea is ethically-sourced from 3 tea estates in the Nilgiri Mountains in South India.

These fine-quality leaves are curated based on their flavor, aroma, color, and taste profile by experienced South Indian tea sommeliers. This combination is what creates a unique, balanced cup of chai.

What does “Kalavai” mean?
“Kalavai” is the Tamil word for blend.

We call it Kalavai because it is a blend of some of the best high-elevation and medium-elevation tea leaves from 3 tea estates in South India.

What is in your bag?
CTC black tea ethically-sourced from the tea estates in the Nilgiri Mountains in South India.

CTC stands for “crushed, teared, and curled”, and it refers to making the leaves into granules. CTC tea is used across South Asian households to make the most authentic chai. Note: Contains Caffeine. Brewing instructions are located on the back of the bag.