Mokha Monthly Subscription


To say that the Yemeni people are hospitable is an understatement. Upon entering a village in the Al-Jabal region, it is customary to be greeted with the playing of drums and singing of poems announcing the guest’s arrival. Following this, a lottery is conducted to decide who will be awarded the honor of hosting the guest. From there, the guest is taken into the home and immediately treated as if they were family. And while these are people of little means, they still somehow manage to serve a feast, provide lodging, and fulfill any and every request someone may have. High in the mountains and deep in those valleys where coffee was first cultivated nearly half a millennia ago, it is truly something both ancient, marvelous and magical to behold.

Port of Mokha has been on the ground in Al-Jabal longer than any other region we work in and it most definitely shows. The degree of refinement each of their lots express, the consistency in quality year after year, and the continued commitment to excellence that each farmer in the region exhibits makes Al-Jabal the crowned jewel of Port of Mokha’s offerings. This months lot will feature delicate notes of sweet lavender, bananas, and tropical fruit.

5oz. will easily yield 10 cups of delicious coffee.

We roast and ship out all subscription orders during the first week of every month. Purchases placed on or after the 23rd will receive the following months subscription. One purchase of subscription delivers one bag of coffee for the months micro-lot.

(Starting from July, 2023)