Milk Tea Latte (5 Pack)


A rich, creamy and flavorful way to start your day. Our Milk Tea Latte is the perfect blend of loose leaf Ceylon tea, creamy milk, and natural, caramel-y sweetness. Its winning combo of low caffeine and natural L-theanine gives you long-lasting, jitter-free energy. Just add hot water, steep, and sip to get in the zone - in the most delicious way.

Tastes like:
Bold tea flavor, delicately sweet, and unbelievably creamy. Perfect if you're looking for a less-sweet, all-natural, unspiced chai or Asian milk tea.

Don't drink milk? Try our new Oat Mylk Tea Latte - the same great taste, made with oat milk!

Whole milk powder, monkfruit sweetener, raw coconut sugar, loose leaf Ceylon black tea