Pearls of AL Qafr (Med or Dark)



The Pearls of Al Qafr is a longtime customer favorite (especially as a dark roast).

This is an amazing, indulgent coffee, which is unassuming, yet slowly reveals layer after layer of flavor, structure, and balance. As an every-day coffee, it is blissful; and as a special-event coffee, it is intricate.

As a lighter roast, it has Yemen's traditional wine-like acidity / a fruity, raspberry ferment; as a darker roast, this evolves into intense smoothness and creaminess. Think fruity Pinot Noir versus an intensely full-bodied Syrah, or a tannic and powerful Italian Nebbiolo.

  • Sourced from the Al Qafr District, Ibb Governorate, Yemen.


MEDIUM roast / Pearls of AL Qafr: Subtle yet strong; rustic and winey; potent. Lightly fermenty, and deeply traditional.

DARK roast / Pearls of Al Qafr: An intensely smooth and creamy dark roast. An all-time customer favorite.