Embark on a journey with us as we discover Saaf Body, a celebration of Middle Eastern beauty rooted in tradition and passed down through generations. Deemah and Sinan's inspiration bloomed during their initial voyage to Jordan and Turkey as a newlywed couple. Here, amidst the ancient architecture and tantalizing cuisine, they discovered the profound allure of the old world, particularly the hammams—a timeless sanctuary of relaxation.



At Saaf, their products echo the very essence of heritage, mirroring those used by their grandparents and generations before them. Rooted in Middle Eastern beauty traditions, their product lines pays homage to practices that have influenced skincare worldwide. Saaf, meaning "pure" in Arabic and Turkish, encapsulates the simplicity and purity ingrained in their culture. With Saaf Body, we bridge the gap between tradition and accessibility, making centuries-old beauty secrets available to all.

The Saaf Body collection, featuring soaps, oils, and toners, stands apart with its commitment to authenticity. From Camel Milk Soap to Donkey Milk Soap, renowned for their therapeutic benefits, to facial gems like the Damascus Rose Facial Toner—each product is a testament to their dedication to clean beauty. Free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, phthalates, and dyes, their toner embodies anti-inflammatory properties that not only soothe the skin but also maintain its pH balance. Saaf Body is their ode to heritage—a journey that we invite you to embark on, delving into the secrets of Middle Eastern skincare and experiencing the timeless beauty that has transcended generations.


Welcome to the world of Saaf Body, where tradition meets efficacy in skincare that stands the test of time.